Michael Terman Ph.D.

Michael Terman, Ph.D.

Michael Terman received his doctoral degree in physiological psychology from Brown University. After years of basic science studies in circadian rhythms and light, he moved to Columbia, where he established a novel outpatient clinic, the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms. In 1994 he founded the nonprofit Center for Environmental Therapeutics, which offers chronotherapy guidance to consumers, patients, and doctors. In 2013, he created the Comprehensive Chronotherapy Group, which offers patients coordinated chronotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy, according to individual needs.

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Here we discuss and debate new clinical methods designed to boost mood, alertness, and quality sleep by resetting your inner clock. Chronotherapy is simple and powerful, and can reduce reliance on antidepressant meds, sleeping pills and sleep aids.  The elements include light therapy, wake therapy, microdose melatonin, and protection from blue light—all timed according to your individual circadian rhythm.

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