Melissa Kirk

Melissa Kirk

Melissa Kirk is a writer and editor who works as an acquisitions and developmental editor at New Harbinger Publications, a self-help psychology publisher in Oakland, CA. She edits and contributes to the blog Joy at the Heart of Things here: joyattheheart.

Melissa has struggled with depression and anxiety for most of her life. She had her first therapist at age 7 and bought her first self-help book at age 10. Now a veteran of more self-help books, workshops, and methods than she can count, she writes about what she learns from her job editing self-help books, as well as the always juicy lessons that life throws her way. She's the co-author of Depression 101: A Practical Guide to Treatments, Self-Help Strategies, and Preventing Relapse.

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Test Case

I joke sometimes that, with my job as a self-help editor, I should be the sanest person in the world. But, I still struggle, as we all do, with life events that cause pain or confusion and with mood and anxiety issues that I've had since childhood. This blog is meant to explore the links between self-help and actual self-change; how change happens, what happens when it doesn't, and even suggestions for things the self-help industry seems to be ignoring about the human mind. Here, we will explore what happens when the self-help rubber meets the road of the human mind.

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