Melissa Kirk

Melissa Kirk

Melissa Kirk is a freelance  writer, content developer and editor who helps authors with vision, content, organization, book proposals, book submissions, and book agenting. She writes a blog, Joy at the Heart of Things here: and her professional content management website is

Melissa works with authors to help create engaging, accessible, useful, and growth-oriented books, articles, blog posts, and social media content. She acquired and was on the editorial team to develop Rick Hanson's books Buddha's Brain and Just One Thing, and books by Sue Patton Thoele, Beverly Engel, Steven Stosny, Matthew McKay, Michael Tompkins, John Preston, and many, many other wonderful and influential authors. She has been working with psychologists for over thirteen years helping them craft their words to help people in need. She lives in the San Francisco bay area.

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Test Case

I've seen the journey to balanced mental health from several angles: as a therapy patient and self-help book reader, as a self-help book editor, and as a person fascinated with the human mind, neuroscience, psychology, emotion, and self-growth. This blog will explore the connections between words and action, between what we know we need to do in order to remain healthy and balanced, and what we often actually do that sometimes undermines our best efforts. We will be discussing how to write about and talk about mental health issues and approaches, and the best ways to help self-help consumers and psychology clients act in their own best interests. 

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