Mark Sherman Ph.D.

Mark Sherman, Ph.D.

Mark Sherman is editor of Boys and Young Men: Attention Must Be Paid (Promoting Achievement Among Boys and Young Men), a blog sponsored by the Boys Initiative, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. (

After receiving his Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard, Mark Sherman taught for 25 years at SUNY New Paltz, where he ultimately specialized in gender studies. He co-authored Afterplay, (Stein & Day; paperback by Pocket Books), the first major book on this important part of the human sexual experience. He then turned to male/female communication, co-authoring a Psychology Today article "Man-to-Man, Woman-to-Woman." More recently, his interests have shifted to the gender gap schools, where boys and young men are lagging well behind their sisters in kindergarten through graduate school.

Throughout his life, first-person writing and especially humor have been as important to him as his serious work in psychology. He retired from teaching early to pursue his other writing. For more than two decades, he has written a very popular, bi-weekly humor column in the New Paltz Times, where he often writes about gender and relationships in a light-hearted, enlightening way.

Mark Sherman's PT blog is Real Men Don't Write Blogs.

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