Marilyn Mitchell M.D.

Marilyn Mitchell M.D.
Named one of America’s “ground breaking doctors” by Chicago Magazine in 2005, Physician and Healer Dr. Marilyn Mitchell, M.D., is an educator, speaker and health visionary. For over 30 years Dr. Mitchell has been a key player in the field of integrative medicine and a passionate advocate for the importance of combining energy healing with traditional medical care, partnering with the medical community to establish guiding principles for the future of healthcare. 

Dr. Mitchell is the founder of HealingSpace, LLC, an independent organization that promotes and encourages the widespread integration of energy healing into traditional medical environments. By bringing patients together with both physicians as well as professional energy healers, HealingSpace creates not only access to enhanced healing care for individuals, but serves as a forum for professional healers and medical professionals to exchange ideas and establish and communicate standards on the future of comprehensive wellness.

From 2001 until 2011, Dr. Mitchell worked as Director of Integrated Medicine of WomanCare PC, an Illinois-based alliance of health care professionals, where she brought holistic healthcare into a traditional medical setting. She also served as an Obstetrician-Gynecologist at WomanCare from 1987 until 2011. Dr. Mitchell received her medical degree from Rush Medical College and completed her residency at the University of Chicago. She is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and the American Board of Integrated and Holistic Medicine. 

A Certified Healer since 2001, Dr. Mitchell is currently the Director of Medical Integration for the EnergyTouch School of Advance Healing. Dr. Mitchell is known nationally as a medical consultant and speaker and is recognized nationally as an expert on holistic health, women’s health, and the profound benefits of incorporating medicine and healing. She is known for her speeches and articles on Heart and Soul Healing: the 5 Aspects of Intuitive Health, as well as her Wise Woman Workshops and workbooks. Dr. Mitchell’s extensive body of knowledge of medicine and healing, combined with her expertise as a writer and lecturer, have helped her to serve as a trailblazer in the field of holistic healing.

It is Dr. Mitchell’s mission to blend the medical and healing communities, to educate the public on the benefits of integrative medicine and to promote dynamic, multidimensional health.

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