Kurt A Carlson Ph.D.

Kurt A Carlson Ph.D.

Kurt Carlson studies how people make decisions. He is particularly interested in how consumers make decisions, but he also has studied the decisions of managers, jurors, investors, and voters. If there is a decision at the end of it, he is curious about how it unfolded. His work has appeared in top journals in marketing, psychology, and management. He teaches courses on Analytical Problem Solving, Market Intelligence, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Management. At present, Kurt is the Director of the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research, which is sponsored by KPMG and he is the co-director of the McDonough School of Business Behavioral Research Lab.

Author of

The Origin of Choices

This blog explores the choices people make and how they make them, with particular attention to how people come to realize the need to make a choice and how they construct their preferences en route to making that choice. Every couple of weeks I will share data from new research studies my colleagues and I have run, thoughts I have about the choices people make, and how these choices originate. I study choice because I want to help people make better choices, and because choice is the only way people can positively influence their lives. 

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