Julie K. Hersh

Julie Hersh

Julie Hersh is a mother, corporate wife survivor, advocate for mental health awareness and author of the book Struck By Living: From Depression to Hope. Published in April of 2010, Struck by Living is already in reprint and soon to be released in spanish. Featured on Fox and Friends, PBS (KERA Think! with Krys Boyd), Dallas Morning News and numerous radio programs, Julie's approachable style makes the difficult topic of suicide and mental illness easier to discuss. She's available for speaking engagements, and has done over 75 talks since release of the book to a wide range of audiences. Mental Health America of Greater Dallas awarded her the Ruth Altschuler Prism Award in October 2010 for her advocacy in mental health.

After earning her BBA at the University of Notre Dame, Hersh worked in high-tech product development and marketing/sales in Silicon Valley. She "retired" from a lucrative sales management position after the birth of her first child. A long-time member of the Cooper Center, Hersh ran her first marathon at age 48. Julie is a board member of the UT Southwestern Medical Foundation, a member of the Undergraduate Advisory Experience Council at the University of Notre Dame, participant on the International Society of ECT and Neurostimulation Patient Advisory Council, and on the advisory board for Mental Health America. She is also an active supporter of the Dallas based CONTACT and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. A long time supporter of the arts, Hersh is also a trustee for the Dallas Theater Center and Dallas Museum of Art. She lives with her husband and two children in Dallas, Texas.

Author of

Struck By Living

Struck by Living offers an optimistic look at mood management from a person with first hand experience with clinical depression. In 2001, Julie Hersh became clinically depressed and attempted suicide three times. Saved by the often controversial therapy ECT, electroconvulsive therapy, Julie rebuilt her life to embrace a lifestyle of mental health. Julie offers her advice with a sense of humor and humility, something that has touched the lives of many.

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