Julia Moeller Ph.D.

Julia Moeller Ph.D.

Julia Moeller, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the University of Leipzig, Germany. She studies emotions and motivation in workplaces and education, with a focus on passion and mixed feelings (e.g., stressful employee engagement, or motivating performance anxiety).

Dr. Moeller specializes in studying emotions and motivation in the moments in which they occur with individuals' own smartphone devices. She collaborates internationally with projects that bring this technology to class rooms to make teaching and learning more personalized and emotion-oriented.

She also studies entrepreneurial passion and the motivational needs of football players in university varsity teams and has provided motivation trainings to soccer teams. Originally from Germany, she has lived and conducted research in the US, Finland, and Brazil.

Author of

Passion 101

Understanding Passion, Motivation and Emotion, Experience Sampling, and Open Science
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