Juli Fraga

Juli Fraga

Juli Fraga, Psy.D. is a psychologist in San Francisco where she specializes in women's health concerns and postpartum mood concerns. Her clinical work is largely informed by her study of Psychoanalytic psychology and theory. She also supervises pre-doctoral interns for the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) internship program where she is adjunct clinical faculty. Dr. Fraga also co-developed and co-facilitates a postpartum support group, "The Afterglow" for the University of California, San Francisco Great Expectations Pregnancy program. Her essays about the psychology of motherhood have appeared on Huffington Post, Pregnancy Magazine, and Mamalode Magazine. You can find her online at: www.drjulifraga.com

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The Birth of Motherhood

This blog explores and examines the intricate dynamics that emerge as women approach not only the physical changes of pregnancy, but also the emotional ones. "How does one psychologically prepare for motherhood?" "What arises when a woman enters motherhood without the maternal guidance of her own mother?" "How can expectant mothers prepare for the life-changes of parenting?" 


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