Judy L. Mandel

Judy Mandel

Judy Mandel is a writer based in Connecticut. She is the author of the NY Times Best Seller Replacement Child.

Judy’s writing life began as a reporter. She later worked in public relations and advertising and somehow found herself in corporate communications at various insurance companies, where she earned a living for 20 years. Her memoir, Replacement Child, grew out of early essays and the promise she made to her family to tell the story.

Judy now balances her business writing for clients with writing fiction, nonfiction and articles. She has a wonderful son, and an incredible husband who brought three fantastic stepsons into her life. She also has a very large orange cat that sometimes types long lines of zzzzzz's by laying across her computer keyboard.

Author of

Replacement Child

A plane crash, a critically burned two-year-old and the death of a child leave a hole in a family that threatens to tear it apart. In a great act of hope, the parents give birth to a "replacement child," born to heal wounds and provide a "salve for the burns." The child unwittingly plays her role throughout childhood, riding the hidden currents of the family tragedy. In this powerful story, Judy Mandel discovers the truth that forces her to confront the complex layers of her relationships with her father, mother, and sister. When she has her own child, her epiphany comes full circle.

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