Joseph Troncale M.D.

Joseph Troncale, M.D. FASAM
Dr. Troncale has 30 years of medical practice experience. He did his medical school, internship and residency training at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. He had been on the full-time faculty there and subsequently at UAB College of Medicine, and Jefferson Medical College. He has been the medical director of the Susquehanna Addictions Unit, the Caron Foundation and now is the Medical Director of Retreat at Lancaster County. He has numerous publications in medical and addiction journals and was named one of the Clinicians of the Year by Addiction Treatment Magazine. His interests are the neurobiology of addiction, ethics in the care of addicted persons and  in family therapy. His other interests include ceramic art and he is currently obtaining his MFA at Hood College.

Author of

Where Addiction Meets Your Brain

This blog is intended to discuss the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction. Addiction is a disease (dysregulation) of parts of the limbic system of the brain. This dysregulation of dopamine and other neurochemicals creates a pattern of compulsive use of substances. This compulsion and the mood alterations that accompany the use of addictive substances leads to behaviors and consequences that are almost always negative for the individual and those around them. Historically, addiction is viewed pejoratively by society. In fact, it is an illness that requires treatment.

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