Jonathan S. Kaplan Ph.D.

Jonathan S. Kaplan Ph.D.

Jonathan Kaplan, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City.  He graduated from Tufts University with a B.A. in Asian Studies and later earned his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from UCLA.  In 2008, he launched Urban Mindfulness, devoted to the cultivation and practice of mindfulness as a remedy to the stressors associated with city living.

As an adjunct professor at The New School, he has taught graduate courses in evidence-based treatments and mindfulness in cognitive therapy. Each spring, he teaches a popular course on mindfulness and meditation in psychology.  

Over the years, Dr. Kaplan has developed an appreciation for the inter-relationship between the mind and body, while underlies his expertise in stress management and cross-cultural aspects of healing. Across the U.S., he has conducted numerous, mind-body workshops on meditation, stress management, relaxation, and mindfulness. In 2007, he won an award from the American Psychological Association in recognition of his achievements in this area.

Author of

Urban Mindfulness

This blog is dedicated to the cultivation of mindfulness for those of us who live and work in cities.  Inspired by our unique circumstances, I write about common experiences that can provide opportunities for practice.  Occasionally, I am also fortunate to interview some experts in the field, too.  

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