Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D.

Jeremy Sherman

Ph.D. in evolutionary and decision theory; masters in public policy

Social science and science writer; occassional teacher and consultant.  

I've taught over 250k college-student/hours in introductory psychology, sociology, rhetoric, philosophy, advertising history, English, cultural studies, marketing and strategic forecasting.

I co-founded a non-profit environmental lobbying organization in DC, worked as a business consultant and public affairs director for a large company,and designed and implemented water projects in Guatemala. For seven years I lived on The Farm in Tennessee a pioneer intentional community, ecovillage.

I write with no authority. I'm a specialist, not an expert. I read lots but cite rarely in my articles which should be read as opinion pieces.

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Ambigamists embrace the tension between opposites, faith and doubt, romance and skepticism, being partial and impartial, loving and tough, yin and yang. They don't try to reconcile opposites with some middle ground universal solution.  For example, ambigamists know that tough love isn't the answer but the chronic question--when to be tough?; when to be loving? They seek the wisdom to know the difference between situations that call for the tough courage to try to change things, and the loving serenity to accept things as they are.

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