Jaime Booth Cundy BSW, MAPP

Jaime Booth Cundy BSW, MAPP

Jaime Cundy is a writer and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program. She has focused on the cultures of Africa and what they can teach us about well-being. After spending years traveling, living, and working in Africa she came to the conclusion that there was ‘something' about Africa. A deep knowledge about flourishing that she hadn't found anywhere else in the world. This left her questioning; is it possible to experience happiness and flourishing despite some of the more difficult circumstances known to mankind?

Jaime has spent several years working within the non-profit charity world as a consultant on the topic of Music and it's connection to well-being.  This consultation work has lead her to the belief that music can speak to all of us in our own ways, and can often act as a bridge between cultures


Author of

The Beauty in the Beast

I started writing Beauty in the Beast because i believe that there is beauty to be found in even the most dire of circumstances.  I was inspired by the sight of a beautiful sunflower growing proudly out of a sewer!

My goal in this blog is to have people see deeper into everyday things.  To see the good, and the beauty that exists all around us.

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