Henkjan Honing Ph.D.

Henkjan Honing

Henkjan Honing, Ph.D., is a Professor in Music Cognition and coordinates the Music Cognition Group that is part of the Department of Musicology, the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), and the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC) center of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). His research is in music cognition with a special focus on the temporal aspects of music (such as rhythm, timing, and tempo) using theoretical, empirical and computational methods. Prof. Honing published over 150 peer-reviewed articles in international journals and books on music cognition, music representation and music technology. The research is currently supported by grants from the Dutch Science Foundation and the European Commission (Sixth Framework IST programme) both in the field of music cognition. In 2007 Dr. Honing was elected Vice-President of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM). In 2010 he became a KNAW-Muller professor in music cognition. In 2011 his book Musical Cognition: A Science of Listening was published by Transaction publishers.

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