Gretchen L. Watson, Ph.D.

Gretchen L. Watson, Ph.D.

Gretchen LeFever Watson, PhD, is a clinical psychologist whose research and intervention projects have received international scholarly and media attention, including appearances on TV and radio programs such as CNN Headline News, the PBS News Hour, and The Diane Rehm Show.

Dr. Watson was among the first to document drug overtreatment for ADHD in the U.S. and to demonstrate that disruptive conduct can be successfully reduced through schoolwide behavioral and parenting interventions. She helps people and organizations leverage behavioral principles to improve and save the lives of children and adults in our communities—on school campuses, in healthcare facilities, and in the workplace.

In addition to positions as a hospital psychologist, medical school faculty member, and university professor, Dr. Watson served as a corporate director of patient safety and performance excellence for a large healthcare system. She has received numerous awards and has been recognized in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) as an international scientist who can be counted on for unbiased review of health research.

She completed a doctoral degree in clinical and developmental psychology (University of Illinois at Chicago), postdoctoral training in pediatric psychology (Georgetown University Medical School), and a six-month training course by nuclear power engineers. Currently, she is President of Safety & Leadership Solutions, a consulting firm for organizational safety and change management. She continues to write articles for trade magazines and scholarly publications. Her first book is on patient safety and will be released by Rowman & Littlefield in 2017.

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