George R. Mastroianni Ph.D.

George R. Mastroianni, Ph.D.

George Mastroianni is a Professor of Psychology at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he has taught a variety of courses in experimental psychology since 1997, most often Biopsychology and Learning and Memory. Dr. Mastroianni served as an active-duty Research Psychologist in the US Army for 12 years, where he worked in a variety of fields, but mainly aviation human factors, sensory psychology, human performance and operational testing. He retired from the US Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2006. His current scholarly interests focus on the psychology of the Holocaust. Dr. Mastroianni initiated and co-edited A Warrior’s Guide to Psychology and Performance, a practical guide to military psychology for today’s soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines modeled on similar works developed during WWII. The Warrior’s Guide is required reading for all cadets at both West Point and the US Air Force Academy.

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