Gayil Nalls Ph.D.

Gayil Nalls Ph.D.
Gayil Nalls, PhD is an interdisciplinary artist and theorist. Her work investigates the sense of smell, memory and the conscious state to mine a modern understanding of culture in relationship to the greater interlink of ecological and social systems. Her Olfactory Inkblot series, began in 2010, focuses on chemosensory aesthetic perception and the psychology of smell.  She is a pioneer of sensorial works, installations, environments and events, and has been a vital contributor to establishment of Olfactory Art as a contemporary art form. Dr. Nalls currently serves on the Board of Advisors for Nautilus Magazine, and is an International Adjunct Professor with SMARTlab, University of East London and Dublin and is an artist member of the Institute of Neuroaesthetics, Wellcome Laboratory of Neurobiology, University College, London. Her research presented at the New York Academy of Sciences is featured in the book Linking Affect to Action: Critical Contributions of the Orbitofrontal Cortex, published in 2007. Dr. Nalls is perhaps best known for the influential olfactory sculpture World Sensorium, which premiered at Times Square 2000: Crossroads of the World, and continues to be experienced at exhibitions internationally. A single scent, the work comprises culturally associative, aromatic phytogenic materials of world flora formulated on population percentages. Her work can be viewed at: and

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