Eric G Wilson Ph.D.

Eric G Wilson Ph.D.

Eric G. Wilson is the Thomas H. Pritchard Professor of English at Wake Forest University and author of Keep It Fake: Inventing an Authentic Life (forthcoming May 5, 2015, and now available for pre-order), which explores the therapeutic values of transforming your life into art.  In his earlier book Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck: Why We Can't Look Away, Wilson examined the strange virtues of morbid curiosity. He has also published Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy, a contemplation on the redemptive virtues of melancholy.

He has published other books on the psychological aspects of literature, philosophy, or film, including The Mercy of Eternity: A Memoir of Depresssion and Grace, My Business Is To Create: Blake's Infinite Writing, The Strange World of David Lynch, Secret Cinema: Gnostic Vision in Film, and The Melancholy Android: A Psychology of Sacred Machines.

Author of

Morbid Curiosities

Morbid curiosity, morose delectation, schadenfreude. As conventional wisdom has it, these are the symptoms of our dark side; we succumb to them at our own peril. And yet we are compelled to look whenever we pass a grisly accident on the highway, and there’s no slaking our thirst for gory entertainments like horror movies and police procedurals. What makes these spectacles so irresistible?  In "Morbid Curiosities," I set out to discover the source of our attraction to the macabre, and to wonder if there's something nourishing in the darkness.


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