Elizabeth Wagele

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Elizabeth Wagele is a writer, cartoonist and musician who lives with her husband, Gus, in Berkeley, CA, where they raised four children and enjoy visits from their grandchildren. In 1994, HarperCollins published a popular book on the Enneagram personality system by Elizabeth and Renee Baron, called "The Enneagram Made Easy," which is now translated and used all over the world. She and Renee followed that with a book on relationships, "Are You My Type, Am I Yours?" Elizabeth then wrote the first Enneagram book on parenting, "The Enneagram of Parenting," and then a book on the MBTI TMpreference, "The Happy Introvert, A Wild and Crazy Guide to Finding Your True Self," a book to introduce the Enneagram to children, "Finding the Birthday Cake," followed by recording a CD on Beethoven. In 2010 HarperCollins published Elizabeth's and Ingrid Stabb's "The Career Within You: How to Find the Perfect Job for Your Personality." Her latest books are "The Enneagram of Death" and "The Enneagram for Teens." Elizabeth illustrates all her books with her own cartoons. Her drawing ability before beginning to write books had improved from drawing all her dreams for several years.

Elizabeth is innovative. Most of her books are firsts in the field of the Enneagram, beginning with "The Enneagram Made Easy," which made the system widely accessible. It and her relationship book have charts comparing the MBTI TM personality system with the Enneagram, which many people find useful. Another first was to write books for using the Enneagram to help raise and teach children. Elizabeth believes the Enneagram teaches acceptance and self-observation and is invaluable for being used in families and schools for good. She cautions anyone using the Enneagram with children to use it only to help them understand one another and to help adults understand children and to use it wisely and lovingly.

Elizabeth has presented several musical programs at International Enneagram Conferences, playing the piano and accompanying singers in Enneagram related songs and improvising piano variations on the nine types. She also prepared "The Beethoven Enneagram" to play for a conference, then made it into an audiophile quality recording available only on Amazon.com. In it, she plays selections from some of Beethoven's piano sonatas that express the nine Enneagram personality types, describes why she chose them, and talks about why she picked the 4-Romantic personality to describe this emotionally expressive and emotionally rich composer.

Author of

The Career Within You

"The Career Within You" stems from a book of the same title. My blog is about the nine Enneagram personalities,  about careers, or whatever I'm excited about when blogging day comes around. I usually include an original drawing. My books include "The Enneagram Made Easy," "The Happy Introvert," "The Enneagram of Death," "Are You My Type, Am I Yours?" "The Enneagram of Parenting," "Finding the Birthday Cake" (for teaching the Enneagram to children), and "The Enneagram for Teens." I also have a CD, "The Beethoven Enneagram."

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