Edita Ruzgyte Ph.D.

Edita Ruzgyte Ph.D.

Dr. Edita Ruzgyte is a sex, couples, and marriage therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. She is currently a professor of counseling & family therapy in the graduate school of Texas Wesleyan University.

After coming to the United States from Lithuania, Dr. Ruzgyte received her Ph.D in family therapy. In her dissertation she explored the cultural and social aspects of relationships and sexuality. She continues to do research examining social influences in relationship dynamics and sexual expression in post- Soviet Union countries. Her survey is translated and available in five languages; she has thus far traveled to Russia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine to collect data for her projects.

In addition to training and supervising future therapists at Texas Wesleyan University, Edita trains professionals at various workshops and conferences in the U.S and other countries such, as China, Argentina, and Russia. She also returns to Lithuania periodically to train native psychologists and family therapists. She currently gives seminars and provides therapy in the English, Lithuanian, and Russian languages.

Edita has published peer-reviewed articles in American and Lithuanian journals, and authored two chapters in the recent textbook "Marriage and Family Therapy: A Practice-Oriented Approach".

Dr. Ruzgyte's unique life and educational experiences living in the U.S.S.R., Lithuania, and the U.S. shape her special way of connecting clinical theory and practice, always conscious of the profound role cultural experience plays in shaping individuals. Whether the topic is sexuality, parenting, family dynamics, or anger, grief, and guilt, she brings an especially warm perspective to every presentation-leaving each student and audience member the richer for it.

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