Donna M. Johnson

Donna M. Johnson

Donna M. Johnson, author of Holy Ghost Girl, grew up calling the once hugely popular tent preacher David Terrell "Daddy." She left his ministry for good at the age of seventeen and has not returned. She has written about religion for the Dallas Morning News and the Austin American Statesman. She was awarded a writing residency by the Ragdale Foundation (Lake Forest, IL) in Spring 2009 and won the Mayborn Creative Nonfiction Prize for this manuscript in progress in 2007. She lives in Austin with her husband, the poet and author Kirk Wilson.

Author of

Holy Ghost Girl

Holy Ghost Girl sets out to cut a mad jig (or at least a presentable two-step) through the borderlands of faith and doubt, belonging and isolation, normal and whatever it is that most of us are; Not quite mad perhaps, but not truly sane either.

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