Dennis Rosen M.D.

Dennis Rosen, M.D.

Dennis Rosen, M.D., is a pediatric pulmonologist and sleep specialist, Associate Medical Director of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Boston Children's Hospital and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. He is board certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Pulmonology, and Sleep Medicine. 

Dr. Dennis Rosen is the author of Vital Conversations: Improving Communication Between Doctors And Patients, a trade nonfiction book on why good communication between doctors and patients is critical to good health outcomes, and why it so often gets derailed. Vital Conversations also provides concrete suggestions that both doctors and patients can employ to improve their communication. Dr. Rosen is a regular contributor to the New York Times, Boston Globe, Pacific Standard, as well as to major medical journals. 

Dr. Rosen is also the author of Successful Sleep Strategies for Kids (a Harvard Medical School Guide) a book for parents looking to improve their children's sleep, that is available as an ebook on

Dr. Rosen speaks frequently to general audiences and to medical professionals about sleep disturbances in children and how to treat them, and about the importance of good communication between doctors and patients and how it can be improved. If you are interested in having Dr. Rosen speak to your group, please contact him directly via the contact form below.

Author of

Sleeping Angels

Mostly about sleep (and its disturbances) in children.

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