David Treadway

David Treadway

David Treadway, Ph.D. is the director of the Treadway Training Institute and a nationally known couples and family therapist and author who has been giving workshops and trainings around the country for the past thirty years. He is the co-author of Home Before Dark: A Family’s Portrait of Cancer and Healing, (Union Square Press, 2010). His previous books are Intimacy, Change, and other Therapeutic Mysteries: Stories of Clinicians and Clients (Guilford, 2004), Dead Reckoning: A Therapist Confronts his own Grief (Basic, 1996), and Before It's Too Late: Working with Substance Abuse in the Family (Norton,1989). He is the author of more than forty articles and book chapters and is a 2002 Psychotherapy Networker award winner for an article selected as one of the best ten pieces in their 25-year history. Dr Treadway has appeared on Good Morning America, 20/20 and other television shows. He has also hosted his own radio program on family communications.

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Families Facing Cancer

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