David T. Neal, Ph.D., and Wendy Wood, Ph.D.

David T. Neal, Ph.D. and Wendy Wood, Ph.D.

David T. Neal, Ph.D., is the Founding Partner of Catalyst Behavioral Science. Wendy Wood, Ph.D., is Provost Professor of Psychology and Business at the University of Southern California. Their research focuses on the non-conscious and automatic processes that influence people's behavior and judgment...and how those processes work to determine important outcomes, including how we eat, whether we exercise, and what we buy.

Author of

The New Unconscious

How often is consciousness really in the driver’s seat, controlling our choices, feelings and actions? In “The New Unconscious,” we highlight the latest scientific findings showing how unconscious and automatic processes drive much of daily life. From habits, to nudges, heuristics and priming effects, we’ll learn how “The New Unconscious” works – and how it can be tuned and changed to influence what we buy, what we eat, whether we exercise and whether our relationships flourish. 

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