David J. Powell Ph.D.

David J. Powell, Ph.D.

David J. Powell, Ph.D., was an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine and President of the International Center for Health Concerns. Powell served on the editorial boards of four professional journals, including The Clinical Supervisor. He authored ten professional books, including Clinical Supervision in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling and Game Plan: Man's Guide to Achieving Emotional Fitness. He served on advisory boards at Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins University and assisted in establishing clinical supervision systems for most of the major substance abuse treatment centers in the U.S., including Betty Ford Center, Caron Foundation, Sierra Tucson, Hanley Center, Hazelden, Gateway Rehabilitation, and Phoenix House, among others.

Author of

Game Plan

A man's guide to achieving emotional fitness
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