David Gussak Ph.D., ATR-BC

David Gussak, Ph.D.

David Gussak, Ph.D., ATR-BC., is professor and the Chairperson for The Florida State University Department of Art Education, and is the Clinical Coordinator for its Graduate Art Therapy Program. Prior to his appointment with The Florida State University, Dave was the director of the Graduate Art Therapy Program in the Department of Psychology and Special Education at Emporia State University in Kansas. He has also been an adjunct and visiting professor for several art therapy programs across the United States, and continues to provide workshops and lectures for a variety of educational programs. Dave has presented extensively internationally, nationally and regionally on: forensic art therapy, art therapy in forensic settings, working with aggressive and violent clients, working with clients who have substance abuse issues, the work of the art therapist, and supervision for art therapists. He has published extensively on various topics, but most significantly on art therapy within the forensic milieu. His research studies on the benefits of art therapy in prison settings have been well received and all of these articles can be found on the website www.arttherapyinprison.com; several of his articles have been reprinted in Russian, Korean and Slovakian publications. Dave is the co-editor and contributing author for the book Drawing Time: Art Therapy in Prisons and Other Correctional Settings (1997) with Dr. Evelyn Virshup and Art Education for Social Justice (2010) with Dr. Tom Anderson, Kara Hallmark and Alison Paul.

His first solo-authored book, Art on Trial: Art Therapy in Capital Murder Cases (2013), published by Columbia University Press, is now available. He is currently co-editing the Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy with Dr. Marcia Rosal. This 84 chapter volume will be available March 2015. Dave has served the art therapy field in many capacities for many, many years, including Director-at-Large on the Board of Directors for the American Art Therapy Association and Treasurer for the Art Therapy Credentials Board. He is currently on the editorial board for the AATA Journal and the chairperson of the Nominating Committee. He is also guest editor for several other journals, including The International Journal of Offender Treatment and Criminology. After all this time, he still loves what he does, and still can’t believe that he gets to get paid to do it.

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Art on Trial

Confessions of a Serial Art Therapist 

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This blog examines art therapy in the legal system to forensic settings. Research, anecdotes and philosophical musings will be detailed, from investigation using art-based assessments to therapeutic interventions. In providing the juncture between art therapy, forensics and criminology, nothing is off limits.

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