Darcy Sterling Ph.D.

Darcy Sterling Ph.D.

Darcy Sterling, Ph.D. received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University in 1996, and her PhD from New York University's School of Social Work in 2006.

Her group practice, Alternatives Counseling, began in 1998 and continues today in the Soho section of New York City, specializing in the LGBT community.

Dr. Darcy's clinical style is very direct, goal-oriented and pragmatic. She works to produce long-term, sustainable change and she's spent her career acquiring the skills to do just that.  Grounded in Positive Psychology and focusing on the strengths of her clients, Dr. Darcy helps clients go beyond becoming A-symptomatic, enabling them to reach their most ambitious goals. She is the first to admit that she's not the therapist for everyone: 

"If you're looking for endless validation and years in therapy, I'm probably not the right therapist for you.  If, however, you're willing to work as hard as I am to create your ideal life; if you're up for a huge challenge and want to cover enormous ground, we're likely a good fit."

It's her unique personality that has drawn the media to her for years.  In addition to writing for Psychology Today, Dr. Darcy writes a monthly advice column in GO Magazine.  In 2011, Dr. Darcy made her national television debut on E! Entertainment, providing expert commentary for When Women Crack.  She has become the go-to therapist for producers in all realms of media.  Her blog, AskDrDarcy.com, provides members of the LGBT community with free advice.

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Ask Dr. Darcy provides members of the LGBT community with free advice.

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