Dana Klisanin Ph.D.

Dana Klisanin

Dana Klisanin, Ph.D., is psychologist specializing in the use of arts and media to promote global ethics. In 2012, she received the Early Career Award for Scientific Contribution to Media Psychology from the American Psychological Association, Division of Media Psychology for her research in the areas of positive media, including digital altruism, collaborative heroism and the cyberhero archetype. Dr. Klisanin is Founder of Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc., and Director of the MindLab at c3: Center for Conscious Creativity. Through designing new frameworks for media and communications based on integral theories and systems science, Dr. Klisanin is helping to define a culture of thought that uses media as an instrument of spiritual awakening and world transformation. Klisanin serves on the Media Watch Video Game Committee for the American Psychological Association’s Division of Media Psychology and chair of the Positive Media Special Interest Group. She is a visiting scholar at Saybrook University.

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Digital altruism is a blog that integrates the latest findings in humanistic, transpersonal, and positive psychology with arts and media for the purpose of creating healthier lives for ourselves, our families, and the planet. 

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