Conner Middelmann-Whitney

Conner Middelmann Whitney

Conner Middelmann-Whitney is a nutrition coach, health writer, cooking instructor and author of Zest for Life: The Mediterranean Anti-Cancer Diet. Since overcoming early-stage cervical cancer 14 years ago (prompting her to quit her job as a reporter with the Financial Times and study nutrition at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London) her interests lie in lifestyle cancer prevention with a special emphasis on diet. She also works with people who suffer from metabolic syndrome (incl. insulin resistance,  obesity, unhealthy blood lipids), fertility problems, osteoporosis and depression. 

Prior to moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2012 she lived in the south-west of France for 11 years. She has three children and is passionate about teaching children how to eat -- and enjoy! -- healthy food.

Conner advocates a diet that is as varied as possible and consists of unprocessed, seasonal, fresh foods that are simply prepared and ideally enjoyed in a convivial setting. Industrially processed 'edible food-like substances' (Michael Pollan) containing denatured fats, concentrated sugars, refined starches and synthetic additives -- rich in calories but low in nutrients -- are best avoided. Conner's recipes are versatile and grounded in French and Mediterranean culinary traditions.

The German edition of Zest for Life ("Appetit auf Leben") was published via Herbig Verlag in March 2013.

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Conner's blog, Nourish, in which she describes her own efforts at anti-cancer living, leans heavily on the recommendations of the World Cancer Research Fund, a not-for-profit umbrella association unifying a global network of cancer charities dedicated to funding research and education programmes into the link between food, nutrition, physical activity, weight maintenance and cancer risk. The WCRF is acting as scientific adviser on the diet and physical-activity aspects of Conner's blog.

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