Cami Ostman M.S.

Cami Ostman, M.S.

In March of 2010, Cami Ostman, M.S., landed in Antarctica prepared to run the marathon distance (26.2 miles) on her seventh continent, completing a personal challenge she had set for herself more than two years earlier. Her journey of personal midlife transformation is chronicled in her book, Second Wind: One Woman's Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents (Seal Press). She is also the co-editor of Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religions, a contributor to Adventures Northwest and to her own blog, Cami is also the founder of Red Wheelbarrow Writers and a program to support writers of memoir called Memory into Memoir.

Cami Ostman understands from both professional and personal perspectives that individuals hit points in their lives when they no longer have a stomach for people-pleasing, placating, or placidity and are looking for a way to catch a second wind that will propel them into the second half of life with vibrancy and clarity.

Cami has worked as a counselor, workshop leader, and coach with hundreds of individuals who've hit major life transitions only to discover that the foundations they have laid for themselves are not sustainable as they move forward. 

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, she has co-authored articles in her field. She has also appeared in several publications, including the Mudgee Guardian in Australia, The Bellingham Herald and Adventures Northwest in Washington State, La Prensa in Chile, Fitness Magazine (November 2010), O, The Oprah Magazine (January 2011), The Atlantic, and Washington Post.

Cami is uniquely qualified to coach people into telling their best versions of their own stories. With 20 years of experience helping people name and put words to their experiences, Cami can partner with you to help you be the best, most honest version of yourself.

Having spent fifteen years as a psychotherapist, and now serving as a writing coach and editor, Cami specializes in helping authors “figure out what they really have to say.” She is currently living in Seattle, Washington, working on a novel and on her second quest memoir.

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