Brett P. Kennedy Psy.D.

Brett P.  Kennedy Psy.D.

Brett P. Kennedy, Psy.D., has private practices in Boulder and Manhattan providing psychotherapy to adolescents, adults and couples for over 15 years. His clinical specialties include Eating, Body Image & Exercise Disorders, GLBT issues, PTSD, and Anxiety Management.

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The Digital Self

Dr. Hicks and Dr. Kennedy experienced the “dot-com” boom at its epicenter in Northern California in the late 90’s. Overnight, the technological landscape changed and it was clear that a relationship with technology was becoming less and less of a luxury but a practicality. Having treated countless clients during the crest of this technological boom, clinical psychologists, Dr. Hicks and Dr. Kennedy have become interested in the way people engage technology and the role technology plays in their lives.

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