Ann Smith

Ann Smith

Ann Smith is the author of three books: Grandchildren of Alcoholics: Another Generation of Co-dependency, Overcoming Perfectionism: The Key to a Balanced Recovery and Overcoming Perfectionism: Finding the Key to Balance and Self Acceptance, second edition, which was released in March 2013.  She also contributes to media including Dateline NBC, National Public Radio, Newsweek, Us Magazine, Redbook, U.S. News and World Report, Philadelphia Magazine, Washington Post, Forbes Women, Chicago Tribune, WebMD and Wall Street Journal. Ann is the former Executive Director of Breakthrough at Caron (, a five day residential personal growth workshop designed to help adults shift destructive life patterns, improve relationships and strengthen self-esteem. She is now a Clinical Consultant for Breakthrough. For over 30 years, Ann’s focus has been on addiction, family systems and experiential therapy. 

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