Ann Olson Psy.D.

Ann Olson

Ann Olson* was educated at The University of Washington, Pepperdine University, and Alliant International University. She did her post-doctoral work at Washington University in St. Louis. She is the author of Illuminating Schizophrenia: Insights into the Uncommon Mind. Dr. Olson has written fiction and nonfiction on mental illness extensively, and she has a particular interest in the manifestations of psychosis. This interest includes comprehension of psychological theory and metatheoretical approaches to understanding theories of psychopathology.

*Her name, Ann Olson, is a pseudonym.

Author of

Theory and Psychopathology

My blog, Theory and Psychopathology, illuminates the psychological realities of mental illness and psychoses, in particular.  These realities often are manifested in such a way as to reinforce psychopathology and perpetuate it.  The etiology or causes of mental illness point to the ways of eliminating them.  It is my hope that insight into the logic and the dynamics of how these illnesses are manifested psychologically will allow for intervention that may curtail their persistence. 

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