Andy Smith

Andy Smith

Author Andy Smith is an entrepreneur and startup advisor who built winning teams at Dolby, Intel and Polaroid, focused on how to execute a strategy that engages and monetizes customers. He is also the author of The Dragonfly Effect described by the New Yorker as the “first book to explain what happens at the intersection of social media, marketing and psychology."

Author of

The Dragonfly Effect

The Dragonfly Effect is a model that taps concepts from social media, marketing strategy, and consumer psychology to help people achieve a single, concrete goal. We named it after the only insect that can move swiftly in any direction, and even hover, when its four wings are moving in harmony. The four “wings” of the model—Focus, Grab Attention, Engage, and Take Action—work together to help readers produce the change they seek, and that desired change can take many forms: social good, employee morale, or customer loyalty, among many others.

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