Andy Puddicombe

Andy Puddicombe

Andy Puddicombe is the co-founder of the social enterprise Headspace (, which aims to make meditation simple and accessible through its website and app. He is a Meditation Consultant and a former Buddhist monk.

In his early twenties, midway through a Sports Science degree and a very typical student life, Andy made the radical decision to give it all up and set off to Asia to become a Buddhist monk. For more than 10 years, his meditation training took him all over the world, to Nepal, India, Burma, Thailand, Australia, and Russia. He became a fully ordained monk at a Tibetan Monastery in the Indian Himalayas.

In 2004, Andy returned to the UK, without his monk’s robes, with one simple aim in mind: to demystify meditation, to make it accessible, relevant and beneficial for as many people as possible. Following years of further training, registration and planning, Headspace officially launched in spring of 2010 and now has 250,000 users worldwide who benefit from the techniques.

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