Amy Hale Ph.D.

Amy Hale Ph.D.

Amy Hale, Ph.D., is a Seattle-based writer with academic training in behavioral neuroscience followed by a peripatetic career path from career counseling to corporate consulting.

After living and working all over the US, she noticed that different environments dramatically affected her moods, energy levels, creativity, productivity, and ultimately, behavior. Realizing that space and place are essential to happiness, she no longer works in a windowless cubicle, sterile conference room, or dank basement lab. Instead, she studies and writes about the interconnection and synergies between personal well-being and environmental health in view of Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains beyond. She teaches at Antioch University Seattle and is also a content strategy consultant. She received her B.A. with Honors in Psychology from Brown University, and earned her Ph.D. in Psychology, specializing in the neuroscience of memory, from Columbia University.

Author of

The Power of Places

The Power of Places is about the interaction between environment and psychology. Our surroundings, from the largest interacting systems, including the climate and population density of where we live, to the smallest spaces, like the rooms in which we live and work, have a huge influence on our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Increasingly we are reclaiming our awareness of the multi-directional interplay between our environment and our psyche.

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