Alexander Spradlin

Alexander Spradlin

Alexander Spradlin completed his undergraduate education in psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills in 2011. He spent his last two semesters working on projects covering technology's impact on empathy; the effects of watching mixed martial arts on levels of aggression and other emotions; if and how pixels are read differently from print; and what attitudes younger and older generations have toward technology, work, and family/friends. His experience cemented his interest in psychological research, and Alex recently relocated from Southern California to Washington State University, where he is earning his Ph.D. in experimental psychology. Alex is working with Dr. Sarah L. Tragesser on studying the assocations between personality traits and social cognition, empathy, and other social psychological phenomena.

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The Empathic Misanthrope

A grumpy graduate student’s guide to playing nicely with others.
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