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Photo of Kristi Moore, Counsellor in Winterthur, Zürich
Kristi Moore
Counsellor, MA
As a counsellor and couples therapist, I am committed to helping my clients transform their relationships. I have a MA in Sexual Therapy and Education. All sexualities are welcome. My main purpose is to empower my clients to become sensual, sexual human beings who say yes! to discovering their own pleasure. Through a series of exploratory questions and answers, we will build a plan for your personal development and a plan for transforming your relationship to your own body and your relationship with intimacy, sensuality and sex.
8400 Winterthur
Offers online therapy
110 CHF Per Session

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Online Counsellors
Online counselling is a good solution for people who do not have access to well-qualified clinical professionals in their area or who live remotely or abroad. We also refer to it as Teletherapy, online therapy or skype therapy: in short, it's simply conducting a clinical therapy session using a video or phone as the means of communicating.

It's an excellent solution for those who are immobile or find it more convenient to conduct therapy in the privacy of their own home. Or are agoraphobic (fearful of leaving their home), but still want counselling.

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