June 4 - 10

June 4 - 10

Here's a round-up of important reads from the week, including entries about Muhammad Ali, being yourself, adult ADHD, and more.
Muhammad Ali and Where Determination Lives in the Brain

Muhammad Ali, Where Determination Lives in the Brain

By E. Paul Zehr Ph.D.
The science of pushing yourself
In Defense of Authenticity and Being Yourself

In Defense of Authenticity

By Mark D. White Ph.D.
Honesty is a virtue that has to be practiced with discretion, not by rules.
Can You "Grow Out Of" ADHD?

Can You "Grow Out Of" ADHD?

By Ralph Ryback M.D.
Research shows that ADHD causes lasting changes
6 Slippery Truths About Summer

6 Slippery Truths About Summer

By Gina Barreca Ph.D.
Truth #3: Nobody looks good in white pants. Forget it.
Meeting Malpractice

Meeting Malpractice

By Sydney Finkelstein Ph.D.
Wasting time at meetings annoys everyone. Here's what to do about it.

The Secret to Successful Aging

By Peter A. Ubel M.D.
Subliminal messaging?
Cognitive Impairment in Depression

Cognitive Impairment in Depression

By Eugene Rubin M.D., Ph.D.
Do cognitive deficits improve when depressive symptoms improve?
5 Reasons Why You Think Your Partner Is Hotter Than They Are

Why Your Bae Isn't as Hot as You Think

By Autumn Whitefield-Madrano
... and why that's a very good thing.