The Power of Pets

How pets make us kinder, healthier, and happier. Cover Image: Shutterstock

What's With the Cat?

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D.
A pet is not compensation for not having a spouse.

Life Lessons From My Cat

By Robert Evans Wilson Jr.
The problem was I had been following the Golden Rule

Why We Love Our Pets: They're Just Like Us!

By Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.
Which breed you own says a lot more about you than you might think.

Puppy Pitfalls: Are Pets and Chronic Illness a Good Match?

By Toni Bernhard J.D.
If you’re chronically ill, is it a good idea to bring a pet into the house?

Dog TV: A Pet Antidepressant

By Renee Garfinkel Ph.D.
Don’t treat your dog like a human – love it like a dog.

The Wonderful World of ‘Woof’ and Other Animal Pals

By Victoria Maxwell
Pets: the animal antidepressant. Mine? Cosmo who's made for love not for speed.

Can Pets Help Us From Beyond the Grave?

By Krystine I. Batcho Ph.D.
Pet stories are a rich resource for bonding and self-insight.

Are Humans the Only Animals That Keep Pets?

By Hal Herzog Ph.D.
Do monkeys keep pets?

Do Dogs Grieve over a Lost Loved One?

By Stanley Coren Ph.D., F.R.S.C.
Can dogs comprehend the meaning of death and do they grieve because of it?

Is the Pain of Losing a Pet Real Grief?

By Pamela Cytrynbaum
In the hierarchy of grieving, should losing a beloved pet count?