What a Rush!

What a Rush!

Why does falling in love feel so amazing? What makes eating a second piece of cake, engaging in extreme sports, or getting a flurry of Facebook 'likes' deliver a rush? It's in large part about the chemicals coursing through the brain. Cover image: Shutterstock

When the Thrill is Gone: Reward Deficiency Syndrome

Not enough dopamine receptors? Then you might just want to get high.

In Search of the Arousal Procrastinator

You work better under pressure, do you?

Can the Cocaine-rush of New Love Be Sustained for 50 Years?

Some couples go to extremes to be exceptions to the rule.

Adrenaline Rushes: Can They Help Us Deal with a Real Crisis?

Harness the power of adrenaline. It can help you cope.

Improve Your Mood Instantly

Why Daydreaming Gets Us Down

Love, Sex, Relationships and the Brain

Does neuroscience hold the key to a lifetime of passionate love?

Oniomania: The Mind of a Shopaholic

When Shopping Becomes an Illness

My Favorite Ways to Raise Oxytocin

Lab-tested methods to raise oxytocin, and feel better about yourself and others.

Born to Be Junk Food Junkies

Pregnant moms may pass along junk food addiction to their babies.

The Hidden Role of Flattery and Baby Talk in Romantic Love

It may be annoying to outsiders, but it serves a crucial need.

Going For a Song

Can listening to music be addictive?

From Self-Indulgence to Self-Nurturing

Can self-indulgence be a kind of self-medication?

Give to Feel Good

January is National Thank You Month. Top three reasons why you should give.

Do Dogs Have a "Eureka" Feeling When Solving Problems?

Like people, dogs get a burst of positive feeling when they solve a problem.

The Natural High of Laughter

Laughter: A Remedy for Stress

Driving While Relaxed

Eight techniques for replacing road rage with commute calm.

Six Everlasting Truths about Deception

Lying is easy; detecting lies is hard.

Serial Killer Myth #4: They Want To Get Caught.

Serial killers get better and bolder with experience.

A New Sobriety

Why Alcohol Moderation Programs Are Urgently Needed

The Science of Groovin'

A metaphor where psychology, philosophy and music meet

Why We Perceive Hershey's New Logo as the Poo Emoji

Why does the Hershey's Kiss look like the poop emoji? Neuroscience explains.


How someone's brash remark can help you see who you really are.

Transforming "I Can't" or "I Don't" into "I DID IT!"

When we choose to try, and choose to hang in there, we can surprise ourselves

"Synesthesia is in the mind, not the brain" - Geoffrey Rush

Part two of an interview with the esteemed actor about his cross-sensory world

Five Ways to Beat “Will-He-Marry-Me?” Mindset

First, Don't Get Lost in the Fairy Tale