The New Barbie

The New Barbie

Rethinking the thin ideal. Is there a new body image we aspire to?

Changing Your Body Image Once and for All

What causes us to be so critical about our bodies?

Challenging the Thin Ideal

An intervention to improve body image in children (and everyone else!)

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The Gorgeous Brain

Beauty is a spiritual obligation.

The Race To Be Beautiful

Developing a stronger ethnic identity can improve your body image.

The Beauty Gap is Closing

The desire to be attractive matters to both men and women in today's culture

The Land of the Beautiful People

How do you stop comparing yourself to idealized images?

The Denial Diet

I await the e-Twinkie.

Latest Claim: Getting Married Makes You Fatter Because You Are Having So Much Fun

Even when marrying has a bad effect, it will be attributed to something good.

10 Ways to Feel Better About How You Look

Research suggests shifts in your outlook that can make a huge difference.

Confessions of a Bad Mother

A "Smart" Doll Challenge to Barbie

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Do money and beauty lead to happiness?