Open to Criticism

Open to Criticism

It's hard not to get defensive when feeling criticized. But change often depends on how one delivers or hears criticism. Cover image: Shutterstock

Why and When Criticism Is Good

Do you allow feedback to shape your best self?

People Posting Vile, Hateful Comments: What’s That About?

People posting cruel comments can be very interesting, psychologically

Transforming Criticism into Connection

Four ways to make that hard conversation bring you closer

The Art of Constructive Criticism

Are you a constructive critic or just critical?

Soft Criticism

The art of gentle correction -- it's not about offering praise.

Forget Familiarity, Why Intimacy Breeds Contempt

You can't step on someone's toes if you're walking in their shoes.

Three Little Words You Long to Hear: “It’s Their Fault.”

Avoiding blame feels good now but cripples you later.

Thirty Reasons You Get Criticized and Best Ways to Handle It

... and 14 questions to ask yourself before you strike back.

A 5-Step Survival Guide to Handling Criticism

When comments turns destructive, put on the brakes while you still can.

5 Steps to End Any Fight

Arguing threatens your relationship and your health. Learn how to disarm.

Confronting Others to Confront Themselves

How to confront others to best motivate them to confront themselves.

What's Wrong With Criticism

How to ruin a perfectly good relationship.

Non-Judgment Day

Judging others is a recipe for our own suffering.

Four Steps to Relationship Repair With The H-E-A-L Technique

New Therapist-Developed Strategies to Rebuild Trust & Love

Don't Sleep with Your Critic (And 4 More Feedback Tips)

Choose carefully who to get your feedback from.

Why Some People Refuse to Apologize

It's not just stubbornness. There's something deeper at play.