Moving On After Mourning

Moving On After Mourning

Grief is the normal response to loss. And hard as it may seem to believe when we're in its throes, we typically move on with life while holding onto memories of our loved one. Cover image: Shutterstock

Trying to Make Sense of the Unthinkable

Coping with tragedy of an enormous scale.

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Grieving is a lonely business. Don't make it worse by saying.....

6 Damaging Beliefs About Grief And What You Can Do

Help yourself through the death of a loved one using REBT.

Private Pain: A Mourner's Bill of Rights

What is grief? What is healing? And why nobody can tell us how to mourn

Grief Isn't Something to Get Over

The notion that one gets over it is a myth

DSM-5 and Bereavement Care

Aiming for knowledgeable, relationship-based implementation of DSM guidelines.

Quotes on Grief to Comfort and Inspire

By allowing the tears, we may find peace & meaning

Helping Children Grieve

The Honest Grief of a Child

My Mother’s Secret, My Secret

Breaking the legacy of depression.

About Complicated Bereavement Disorder

When grieving worsens, rather than gets better.

There's a rocket in my nicoise

When under fire, give in to stress, or fight back - with mindfulness

What Flat Earthers Got Right

A psychological intuition with earth-shattering implications

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Study finds that stress of losing a loved one increases risk for heart attack

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The special strengths of people who have always been single

Hello-Goodbye: 5 Ways to Make Transitions Easier

There are better ways to manage the sadness and anxiety of separation.

A Lesson in Loss from Susan Saint James

With deep calm, she said about her son: "His was a life that lasted 14 years."