August 2-8

August 2-8

The week's must-reads about bipolar disorder, the right doctor, suicide, and more.

Is This the Worst Time Ever to Have a Severe Mental Illness?

Yes in the United States. No in most of the developed world.

Suicide Is Not Caused by a Gene Defect

Part 2 of the Enough is Enough series

Is Being Vegan Feminized?

Outdated ideas about gender may affect our health.

Realistic Expectations for Bipolar Disorder

Appropriate expectations for bipolar college students

The Danger of Back to School

Children’s Mental Health Crises Plummet in Summer and Rise in the School Year

Why People Avoid the DTR Talk, Part 1

Sometimes we push to define things too soon. Sometimes we don't want to know.

McDonald's and Culture

Have a Hamburger in Hamburg, or coffee in Köln.

Looking for the Right Doctor? Pick a Babysitter

Finding the best physician partners is critical, so own the process.