We Are American

We Are American

What is the American way? Plus, undocumented immigrants, the Bill of Rights, the Puritan ethic, and more.

Edward Snowden, the War on Terrorism, and the War on Drugs

What do marital strife the war on terrorism and the war on drugs have in common?

Crush the Opposition: America Soon to Be a Soccer Power!

We aren't blustering sports bullies, are we?

The Upside of Mental Health Care

There are many good things about our mental health system and even more to come!

What's Fair? Two Views of Government

Can we change our rigid negative beliefs about the two political parties?

The New American Families

Changes in American family forms have been staggering.

Loss of Privacy and the New Psychic Numbing

Fatalism and passivity contribute to the erosion of privacy.

When Conspiracy Theories Turn Out To Be True

"Follow the money.” – All The President’s Men

Ron Takaki, Vincent Chin and Asian American Leadership

Vincent Chin Case Awakened Many Asian Americans

Meditation on the Joy of Freedom

Tapping into more than happiness

How Captain America Can Help Americans Reclaim Their Unity

We should remember our common ideals while disagreeing over the details.

His/Her Tasks to insure Fireworks in the Bedroom on the 4th!

How fantasy and seduction create exciting sex.

Are Parents Practicing Traditional American Values?

Parents today are struggling to instill American values in their children.

Do Americans Trust Too Much?

Do we trust too much? Are we easy targets for deception and being cheated?


A July 4th Message

When Will the U.S. Become a Global Soccer Superpower?

What's been holding back American soccer for the last 47 years?

Interview with Transhumanist Biohacker Rich Lee

Biohacking is a fascinating field in the growing transhumanism movement

Is Your Chiropractor “Religious”?

The religious philosophy of chiropractic medicine.

Culture Shock: Spain Versus America

Are Americans and Spaniards psychologically different?

US Soccer Sentiment Not Quite There (in the Stock Market)

World Cup induced soccer sentiment is not yet impacting the stock market.

Where Are You From?

The question that often bites minorities: "where are you from?"

On 9-11, patriotism, and the U.S. flag

September 11th reminds us to be patriotic, but what does patriotism look like?

Fiction - Building Bridges Between Cultures

Some stories are truly important to tell.