Top Posts: July 2014

Top Posts: July 2014

If you want a recap of the best of the month, read on for a sampling that includes the impact of humiliation, the truth behind other people’s marriages, the secret of genius, and more. Homepage Image: Shutterstock

8. We Don't Know the Truth Behind Other People's Marriages

To know the real truth inside a marriage is impossible.

1. The Impact of Humiliation

The one emotion that really hurts your brain.

3. Why Profile Photos Are Liars

New research shows the weakness of our snap judgments.

4. "Religious Freedom" Out of Hand

The Constitution isn't the issue in today's religious freedom debate.

12. 12 Steps to Abstinence? Not for Everyone

Revisiting patient-treatment matching in treating alcohol use disorders

5. Are You a Leaf Blower or a Broom?

You can't just send all your conflicts away into a cloud. Or can you?

2. Why We're Nicer to Strangers than Intimates

… and 3 ways to fix the problem before it's too late.

6. 4 Myths About Marriage You Probably Believe

Buying into these old notions only fuels the divorce rate.

9. Shakespeare, Vermeer, and the "Secrets" of Genius

Genius: infinite in faculty, or just well-practiced?

10. The Dynamics of Social Networking

First-of-their-kind studies reveal why some of us network more easily.

11. Practice Makes Better

But not necessarily much better

7. A Biological Basis for Sexual Morality

New research uncovers an evolutionary basis for some sexual mores.

13. The Existential Agony of Parenting

No matter what you do or don’t do, someone will disagree. So trust yourself.

21. The New Rules of Relationships

Kindness counts, but fun is at least as important.

14. Consciousness, Chaos, and Order

Consciousness protects us from the chaos of our random environment.

16. Should Teammates Get Equal Pay?

Data from baseball, basketball, hockey, and business

17. Pay It Back and Pay It Forward

Selfless love, an expert explains, is a key piece of our evolutionary heritage.

25. Innovation Starts in Dark Places

What can you learn from understanding this dark back story of innovation?

18. Can a Visit to Doc Give You Symptoms of Dementia?

Stereotype threat and memory test performance.

15. Time's Tyranny

What Does Efficiency Cost?

19. What Does Marijuana Really Do to the Brain?

Part 1 exploring how marijuana alters brain function: the mechanism.

22. Feel Better About the Way You Look

Research suggests shifts in your outlook that can make a huge difference.

23. Raising Better Readers

Jason Boog, author of the book, "Born Reading," shares his tips and philosophy.

24. Waiting For News?

Fixating on potential bad news only makes it worse.

20. Ele-Mental Health

Minerals are an essential component of healthy brain function