The Truth About Twitter

The Truth About Twitter

Maybe you find yourself scrolling through Twitter every few days, or maybe you're on it all day long, obsessively monitoring your follower stats and seeing the whole world through the lens of what you'll tweet about next. Does Twitter make our lives better or worse? Photo: Shutterstock

Talking About Sensitive Topics on Social Media

Using social media to promote mental health and prevent suicide

Regarding Twitter: Where Is Greta Garbo When We Really Need Her?

Where is Greta Garbo when we really need her?

Scalpel ... Suction ... Tweet

Tweet while you sew? No thanks!

Is Celebrity Behavior Making You a Narcissist?

The celebrity "tell-all" you probably didn’t hear about.

Media, Mindfulness, and Personal Meaning

Twitter, tigers, and what’s important

Should Your Therapist Tweet?

Rules for psychotherapists who use social media

Can Twitter Track Suicide Risk?

How useful is Twitter in identifying people at risk for suicide?

From Flattery to Fear: Cyberspace Invaders

Has Your Boss Crossed the Line?

Apology Porn

Mea culpa is a wildly public rite in Hugo Schwyzer's confessional tweet-storm.

I Have Met The Internet And It Is Not Us

Hashtag Heroes and Internet Convos

The effects of effective social media use

A perfect example of how to communicate in our culture

'Cool' in the Time of Twitter

Does taste stand a chance against cool in the social media age?

Clever Way to Beat Cravings or Dangerous Trigger?

A strategy for quitting that can backfire big-time.

Twitter and Mortality: To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Extroverts, but not introverts, use Twitter to ward off existential anxiety.

#Huh? Twitter Helps With Willpower

Let your fingers do the typing to stick to a healthy plan.