The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

How touch—innocent or intimate—is important for well-being.

Naked in Shanghai, Massage Heaven

Trust is everywhere if you stop and notice.

Five Ways to Make Someone Feel Special

Spread the warmth, for their sake and yours.

The Joy of Intimacy

Intimate experiences, whether intimacy, orgasm, or touch offer positive results.

Handshake or Hug? Why We Touch

Why I spent $6,000 on massages for strangers

The Massage Habit: New Reasons to Love Massage

Massage could benefit you in some surprising ways.

Seven Types of Physical Affection in Relationships

From massaging to hand-holding, which matters most to your relationship?

Be the Beauty in Our Broken World

You may be a surprised how simple acts can change people's lives.

The Oxytocin Cure

Will oxytocin cure shyness, autism, and other disorders?

The Surprising Power of Body Language

Five ways to communicate with nonverbal gestures

Good Touch, Bad Touch, No Touch

Good touch, Bad touch, No touch.

Are You or Your Child on a (Touch) Starvation Diet?

"Out of touch" may mean out of health and happiness

The Body Language of Touch

Touch: essential for interpersonal communication & business!

Early Loving Touch Makes a Lifetime of Difference for a Baby

Skin-to-skin contact between a mother and premature baby is essential.

Are Satin Underpants the Secret to Success?

Surprising research on how widely our sense of touch affects our psyche.

Why We All Need to Touch and Be Touched

Our mind, brain, and body are not separate from each other.

How a Woman's Touch Can Make You Risk it All

Research finds fascinating effects from even the slightest connection.

Grooming Your Girlfriends: Pick That Lint!

We all need more love from more places—take your friend to the beauty salon.

4 Benefits of Hugs, for Mind and Body

Research finds surprising power in even casual embraces.

Skin Hunger

We're facing a crisis of skin hunger, and it has real consequences.

Cuddling - How Important Is It (and Should We Pay for It)?

Innovators are finding new ways to provide this basic human need.

How to Influence and Persuade With Touch

How to persuade and influence with touch.