The Internet Addict

The Internet Addict

Is problematic internet use (PIU) a real disorder or a fad? And if real, what are its signs and how is it treated? Cover image: Shutterstock

Problematic Internet Use, Internet Procrastination and Flow

How to tell if you're an Internet addict.

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Has on-line communication led to a deterioration of writing skills?

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Your phone can do more than you might imagine.

Porn Not Warm

... and why real intimacy beats virtual pleasure, even if it's more work.

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The emotional price of comparing with others on Facebook

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Over-sharing on Facebook can really mess up your career and your relationships

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How the internet makes life more complex — by making complex things simple

Internet Gaming Disorder in DSM-5

A disorder for further study

Facebook Addiction?

Is Facebook harder to quit than smoking?

Do Facebook and Other Social Media Encourage Narcissism?

Excessive use of some social media may be narcissistic.

Brain, Behavior, and Media

Is media influencing your brain and your behavior through psychology?

Depression in the Digital World

If you’re reading this online…you’re probably depressed

Internet Porn: Its Problems, Perils, and Pitfalls

Today's hyper-stimulating erotica and porn pose substantial addictive risks.

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Regain control over your devices, your time and your psyche.

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Social media has both benefits and costs. You must know the difference.

Internet Addiction—Epidemic or Fad?

Can people really get addicted to the holy internet?

In Defense of Facebook

Facebook is a port in the storm for chronic pain and illness sufferers.

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The truth about Facebook status updates

12 Steps to Recovery for Instant Communication Junkies

Reducing tech-based stress in our tech-filled lives.

Is the Internet a Drug or Just an Attractive Nuisance?

How businesses cope with that heckler in your computer.